Article 1 – Conclusion of the contract: The reservation is effective after verification by the owner of the availability of the tipi on the chosen day. The reservation is final after the tenant has sent the owner a deposit of 30% of the total rental amount (within 72 hours).


Article 2 – Cancellation by the tenant : Any cancellation must be notified to the owner 72 hours in advance by registered letter, the sums paid remain with the owner.


Article 3 – Cancellation by the owner : In the event of cancellation by the owner, the latter will refund the tenant all the sums paid (example: severe bad weather endangering the safety of the tenants).


Article 4 – Arrival/Departure: the rental of the tepee is from 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Departure must be before 11am. The owner will be there to welcome you; please let us know the exact time no later than the day before your arrival.


Article 5 – Payment : the reservation becomes effective when the tenant has sent the owner a deposit of 30% of the total rental amount (within 72 hours). The balance must be paid 48 hours before arrival by bank transfer or on arrival in cash. Possibility to pay with holiday vouchers (contact us for this).


Article 6 – Inventory of fixtures and inventory : the inventory of fixtures and the inventory of furniture and equipment are carried out at the beginning and at the end of the stay by the owner and the tenant. The equipment inventory is available in the teepee. This inventory is the only reference in case of litigation on the inventory. The state of cleanliness and storage on arrival of the tenant must be noted in the inventory.


Article 7 – Security deposit or security deposit : Upon arrival of the tenant, a security deposit of €300 is requested by the owner. This is paid at the latest upon entering the building. This deposit will be returned, after the contradictory establishment of the exit inventory, minus the costs of restoring the property if damage has been observed. If the amount of the deposit is insufficient, the tenant agrees to complete the amount after the exit inventory.


Article 8 – Duration of stay : the tenant who has subscribed to this contract (“general rental conditions”) for a fixed period cannot in any case claim any right to remain in the premises at the end of the stay.


Article 9 – Use of the premises : the tenant will enjoy the rental calmly and with respect for the environment and will make good use of it, in accordance with the destination of the premises: unusual holiday accommodation. The tenant agrees to return the teepee and the land as clean and tidy as he found it on his arrival. The teepee is exclusively non-smoking, failure to comply with this instruction will result in the loss of the deposit.


Article 10 – Capacity: This contract is established for a maximum capacity of 4 people. If the number of tenants exceeds the capacity, the owner can refuse the additional people. Any modification or termination of the contract will be considered at the customer’s initiative.


Article 11 – Animals : This contract stipulates that the tenant cannot stay in the company of a domestic animal. In the event of non-compliance with this clause by the tenant, the owner may refuse the stay. In this case no refund will be made.


Article 12 – Safety instructions : The tenant must take note of the instructions to be observed on arrival which have been placed in the tipi and apply them if necessary.